Cryptography Services is a practice offering of NCC Group North America, composed of consultants from NCC Group. CS focuses exclusively on Cryptographic Security Assessments - combining years of experience in application security with a life-long passion in cryptography to provide a unique offering. We have a wealth of experience building, breaking, fixing and deploying cryptographic solutions that our customers rely on for their core business, data protection, compliance and security needs. Our blog features a subset of the technical posts from the NCC Group Blog.

We gave two sold out training classes at Black Hat Vegas 2015 and Black Hat Vegas 2016 of our course “Beyond the BEAST: Deep Drives into Crypto Vulnerabilities”. We’re continuing to offer this class, so if you’re interested, please email us below to find the next offering!

You may have seen us elsewhere on the internet sponsoring the Underhanded Crypto Contest and Real World Crypto or conducting the TrueCrypt, Let’s Encrypt, and OpenSSL audits. This team is also the same team that developed the Matasano Crypto Challenges and wrote the Tor Browser Hardening Study.

About NCC Group

Offering a total information assurance solution for your business, NCC Group protects against risk. We provide freedom from doubt that business critical information, data, websites, applications and infrastructure are available, protected, and operating as they should be at all times. Our services include software escrow and verification, security testing, website performance, software testing and domain services.