About Cryptography Services

NCC Group’s Cryptography Services practice is a specialized team of consultants focusing exclusively on the most challenging projects involving cryptographic primitives, protocols, implementations, systems, and applications. The team combines years of experience in security with a life-long passion in cryptography to provide a unique and unmatched offering. We have a wealth of experience advising, building, breaking, fixing and deploying cryptographic solutions that our customers rely on for their core business, data protection, compliance, and security needs.

Cryptographic operations tend to concentrate the confidentiality, integrity and authenticity assurances of an entire application into a very small high-value target. A specialized review of cryptographic implementation ensures that systems are designed, implemented, and operate correctly. Organizations often underestimate the need for cryptographic consulting as vulnerabilities can be obscure and poorly understood yet devastating. Systems operate seemingly correctly, but actually insecurely - a lurking risk that is taken advantage of at the worst time and in the worst way.

Service Offerings

  • Strategic Cryptographic Advice
  • Applied Crypto Design & Architecture Review
  • Applied Crypto Software Assessment
  • Core Cryptographic Primitive Review
  • Blockchain and Smart Contract Reviews
  • Protocol Review
  • Product Review
  • Applied Cryptography Training

Public audits and research

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BearSSL and Constant-Time Toolkit (CTTK) projects are built and are currently maintained by members of this team. Matasano Crypto Challenges were written by ex-members of the NCC Crypto Services team, together with other projects such as the DASP project and OTF or Open Crypto Audit initiatives such as the OpenSSL and TrueCrypt audits.

About NCC Group

Offering a total information assurance solution for your business, NCC Group protects against risk. We provide freedom from doubt that business critical information, data, websites, applications and infrastructure are available, protected, and operating as they should be at all times. Our services include software escrow and verification, security testing, website performance, software testing and domain services.

Archive (2019 and before)

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